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Squidward Tennisballs~

I finally got around to taking pictures of what I got for Christmas.

  •  In the first pic ;

From my granny I got a new laptop and two Lalaloopsy dolls (Mittens and Rosy). From my boyfriend I got Lalaloopsy doll Marina. The hard drive was also a surprise gift from my boyfriend sometime ago.

I’ve been without a laptop of my own for quite awhile. My boyfriend had let me borrow his during that time. I had two prior to this one but anger was the cause of the destruction of the first one some years ago and the second one after a year suffered from some motherboard malfunction which even Toshiba couldn’t fix (they even sent it back in worse condition than I’d sent it in). They are completely fubar. This one is my baby and I am going to take extra good care of it. I wanted this one so I could buy a red cover for it. There’s a lot of blue in the picture, huh? Lol, well I’m actually not fond of blue. Green is my favorite color. I just preferred the blue haired dolls over the other colors.

  •  In the second pic ;

From my granny I got the Sailor Moon tee on the far right. From my boyfriend I got the first two Sailor Moon tees!


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